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The BEACON Coalition is our community initiative bringing together law enforcement, business, schools, parents, youth and other sectors of our community to work to protect our young people.  One the organization’s goals, is to implement “environmental changes” that affect the whole community instead of efforts directed at specific groups.  Building awareness around state and local laws and consequences is one of these strategies.  support

Between the holidays of Thanksgiving and New Year’s we focusing our efforts on decreasing accessibility of alcohol by minors, in part because of the number of college students home at that time.  Our community assessments have shown that 62.3% of NHS juniors and seniors report getting alcohol through friends, and 27.1% of NHS juniors and seniors report they usually get alcohol by having someone buy it for them.  

Please take a look at the resources below for more information about underage drinking. 

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The Newburyport Coaster Campaign

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Resources for Parents

Help for Talking About Alcohol 5 Conversation Goals Action Plan Answering Your Child’s Tough Questions About Alcohol Family Agreement Form: Avoiding Alcohol Help for Talking About Alcohol Links to SAHMSA Website

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District Attorney's Diversion Program

The District Attorney’s Youthful Diversion Program offers certain first-time offenders between the ages of 18 and 21, an alternative to the court system. The program is based on the widely accepted belief that not all cases are best handled through formal criminal complaints and court hearings. The program provides first-time nonviolent offenders the opportunity to receive services in lieu of being prosecuted through the traditional court process.

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Social Host Law

When it comes to underage drinking, the law is clear.  If you are 21 years old, you may consume alcohol.  If you are not, you may not.  If you have a party, you may not provide, give or allow any of your guests who are under 21 to possess alcohol.  As a parent you may be tempted to allow your son or daughter to have some friends over to drink especially during prom and graduation season.  You may think that by collecting the car keys, you can control it and that they will be safe.  Not only is that against the law, it is not safe.

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Get Involved

Join the BEACON Coalition mailing list by emailing beacon@cityofnewburyport.com.

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Recreation Programs year round from Birth- 18 and Families! Visit our online registration page for updates and information (including the latest brochure). 



NYS is committed to empowering our young people.  The Newburyport Youth Council is a youth-led community engagement committee for grades 7-12.  Learn more about the Youth Council.



Newburyport Youth Services has chosen to develop its recreation, prevention and empowerment programming around the Positive Youth Development approach. Learn more about the 40 Assets and our “I Supoort YA” campaign.



NYS provides support to children and families in a number of ways.  From the Parent Speaker Series to crisis intervention, programs to mentoring.  Learn more about all that we offer!



NYS is committed to working with partners in the community to foster healthy youth development throughout the city! We are also passionate about enagaging young people in their own community.