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The BEACON Coalition 


The BEACON Coalition (TBC) is a community-wide partnership that works collaboratively to reduce high risk behaviors by Newburyport’s young people. Made up of partners from all sectors of the community, TBC was formed in response to several tragedies involving drugs, alcohol and suicide.

The vision of TBC is for Newburyport to be a community that welcomes, values and empowers young people through meaningful opportunities and experiences, which support and strengthen the assets they need to make positive and healthy choices.

As a community, Newburyport has adopted a positive approach to prevention.What does that mean? It means that as a coalition, we are dedicated to building up the protective factors (or assets) in young people, rather than a deficit based approach. Traditionally prevention has been done with an “anti-drug”, or “just say no” mentality. Our approach is focused on looking at young people’s strengths, resources and supports to help them make positive choices. We have adopted the 40 Development Assets Framework to use as a shared language and vision throughout the city. To learn more about positive youth development, please visit the I Support YA page for an overview.

Our CORE Services



Recreation Programs year round from Birth- 18 and Families! Visit our online registration page for updates and information (including the latest brochure). 



NYS is committed to empowering our young people.  The Newburyport Youth Council is a youth-led community engagement committee for grades 7-12.  Learn more about the Youth Council.



Newburyport Youth Services has chosen to develop its recreation, prevention and empowerment programming around the Positive Youth Development approach. Learn more about the 40 Assets and our “I Supoort YA” campaign.



NYS provides support to children and families in a number of ways.  From the Parent Speaker Series to crisis intervention, programs to mentoring.  Learn more about all that we offer!



NYS is committed to working with partners in the community to foster healthy youth development throughout the city! We are also passionate about enagaging young people in their own community.