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We are a city that values both the individual young person as well as each generation as a whole; We recognize young people as a resource in our community and value their ideas, perspectives and voices.  Connected to developmental assets #7, 8, and 39.


We are a city that strives to inspire young people to have a positive view of their selves and their future; We work to inspire individuals to live with integrity; with a sense of individuality and a connection to their personal values and principles; and to find and follow their passions. Connected to developmental assets #37, 38, 40 and 28


We are a city that engages young people in their own lives as well as their community; We strive for active participation in areas they care about; we give them a voice and listen to it and want young people to believe they can make a difference.  Connected to developmental assets #9, 15, 16, 18



We are a city that believes in empowering young people with the skills and social competencies necessary to feel competent as an individual with their own goals and dreams; we want to foster independence and responsibility as a foundation for empowerment.


We are a city who works to support children and families in all areas of life; We work to create a feeling of safety, structure and supports; and strive to support young people reaching their fullest potential and having the capability to do so. Connected to developmental assets #2, 4, 5, 11-14

Our Projects

Let Grow! Fostering Independence and Play

How can we raise nimble problem-solvers if an adult is always right there, solving their problems first?
We are using Let Grow strategies in an effort to Engage and Empower young people, while working to reduce stress and anxiety.

We are working to gradually give your child the kind of freedom and responsibility (and fun) you probably remember from your own childhood while supporting you in the mean time!

We are looking to implement Project Let Grow Homework, Play Clubs, and Global Play Day!


Building Developmental Assets

Newburyport Youth Services has chosen to develop its recreation, prevention and empowerment programming around the Positive Youth Development approach. This approach translates into our work through the BEACON Coalition as positive avenue towards supporting the development of healthy youth.

The 40 Developmental Assets (c) are qualities and experiences that act as protective factors in young people.  The more of these assets a young person has, the less high risk behaviors they get involved in.