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Support Services with Newburyport Youth Services

Social Services and Supports

We at NYS collaborate with various public and private organizations and individuals to offer a multitude of diverse services and programming that elevate youth development, safety, and outcomes. These engagements are offered directly to youth, as well as to those who personally and professionally support them.

  • Support Programs- Audience based groups, facilitated in partnership with local mental health providers, that increase young people’s coping skills and healthy development, as well as provide support for parents and caretakers (e.g., youth, LGBTQ+, fathers/male caretakers, grandparents raising grandchildren.
  • Crisis Work- With area schools and social services agencies, connects youth and families to services and resources to help manage significant challenges immediately impacting emotional and/or physical well-being
  • Youth Outreach- One-on-one relationship building with self-identified or referred youth, with the intent to understand their needs and better engage them with the community through programs, services and supports
  • Parenting Years Speaker Series- In partnership with Newburyport PTO and River Valley Charter School Parent Alliance, provides new perspectives, skills, supports, and tools on a wide range of parenting topics, from childhood anxiety to sexual health to developmental challenges at varying ages
  • Newburyport Community Mentors- Partnered with Family Services of the Merrimack Valley, recruits and trains community members as mentors paired with local children in a “Big Friends-Little Friends” model

Prevention: Succeeding in a strengths-based approach

Understanding that youth are vulnerable to high-risk behaviors, NYS engages a positive approach to prevention by building protective factors in all young people, instead of deploying deficit-based tactics focused on traditional at-risk groups or youth already in crisis. Rather than a singular event or program, prevention is an ongoing effort to promote healthy behaviors and systems to support children and families.
NYS’s prevention efforts and expertise extend beyond prevention in Newburyport, and formally include other area municipalities.

  • Youth Assets- Every two years the City of Newburyport surveys youth to identify strengths and needs framework based on 40 Developmental Assets*, or protective factors. Data reported are considered measures of community health, and used by NYS, the School Department, and other community groups to shape youth programs and services (e.g., increasing youth “resistance” skills by working with schools to change their Wellness curricula, offering self defense classes for young women to elevate “safety” skills)
  • BEACON Coalition- A community-wide, initiatives-based collaboration to reduce high-risk behaviors in Newburyport’s young people. Partners represent all community sectors: government, public services, education, child development and mental health, healthcare, social services, and community organizations. BEACON Coalition has addressed everything from depression, self-harm, and suicide to improving goal setting skills and encouraging more outdoor play.
  • Essex County Asset Builder (ECAB)– NYS heads this regional group in creating connections and supports for individuals, families and organizations from Amesbury, Georgetown, Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury and Newburyport. Using a scaled model similar to BEACON Coalition, ECAB relies on partnerships from all sectors in the community to apply a Positive Youth Development Approach and help youth thrive. Each community has begun efforts to engage young people ad better meet their needs: Triton Regional School District implemented the 40 Assets, Amesbury created the Partnership for Amesbury Community and Teens (PACT), and Georgetown has committed to establishing a youth rec center.
  • Suicide Prevention- In 2018 the State of Massachusetts recognized the City of Newburyport for NYS’ long-term efforts in creating a community-wide approach to suicide prevention. NYS has partnered with Newburyport Public Schools and The Samaritans on It’s our 20% campaign to train teachers and community members on signs of suicidal thinking, provide young people with awareness and resources, and identify at-risk individuals earlier. Over the past 10 years, there has been a 50% decrease in self-reported suicide attempts.
    *Developed by the Search Institute
Newburyport Community Mentors
YOUTH OUTREACH: The purpose of our Outreach Program is to build relationships with young people who have reached out to us or have been referred by parents or schools.  By building relationships we can help connect individuals to programs, services and supports that they may need. Outreach is not counseling or therapy, but rather time spent between Youth Services staff and one participant.  The time spent together may include a recreational activity, having lunch, or just talking and getting to know one another. Outreach is totally voluntary and should be a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

SUPPORT PROGRAMS: NYS continues to offer a variety of prgrams to increase young peopole’s coping skills and healthy development. they can be found in our seasonal brochures. 

THRIVE: NYS partners with the Newburyport Learning Enrcichment Center to offer two clubs (young men nad young ladies) living in public housing.  The goals of THRIVE are to provide young people with experiences, activities and mentoring. 

Staying Connected with Your Teen:  NYS runs this multi week program for parents throughout the school year. Geared for parents of young adolescents, its focus is on communication and relationship building. 

Parent Support Groups:




NYS is proud to partner with the Newburyport PTO and the River Valley Charter School’s Parent Alliance to offer the Parent Years Speaker Series. 

Our CORE Services



Recreation Programs year round from Birth- 18 and Families! Visit our online registration page for updates and information (including the latest brochure). 



NYS is committed to empowering our young people.  The Newburyport Youth Council is a youth-led community engagement committee for grades 7-12.  Learn more about the Youth Council.



Newburyport Youth Services has chosen to develop its recreation, prevention and empowerment programming around the Positive Youth Development approach. Learn more about the 40 Assets and our “I Supoort YA” campaign.



NYS provides support to children and families in a number of ways.  From the Parent Speaker Series to crisis intervention, programs to mentoring.  Learn more about all that we offer!



NYS is committed to working with partners in the community to foster healthy youth development throughout the city! We are also passionate about enagaging young people in their own community.